Archie Comics (1942 series) #25

Archie Comics (1942 series) #25

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CBCS 3.5 VG- Off-White/White Pages Certification #17-147A6FB-002 Al Fagaly Any questions give us a call 519-434-3355 -Andy

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CGC Rated
Label Colourcbcs
GradeVery Good -
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
"Hello gorgeous!"1 Page
The Letter9 Pages
"If it's an Archie magazine, it's the best!"1 Page
It's a Racket7.7 Pages
"The things that happen to Super Duck..."0.3 Page
Archie Andrews! I thought I sent you...7.7 Pages
"Archie + Katy + Wilbur + Suzie = Laugh"0.3 Page
The Campus Queens7 Pages
Hollywood Tattle Tales2 Pages
Ring Out the Old12 Pages
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