Archie Comics (1942 series) #15

Archie Comics (1942 series) #15

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CBCS 4.5 VG White Pages Certification #16-25F6772-007 Bob Montana art Any questions give us a call 519-434-3355 -Andy

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CGC Rated
Label Colourcbcs
GradeVery Good +
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
"Nah!"1 Page
Archie Proudly Presents1 Page
A Horse's Tale12 Pages
The Physical Wreck8 Pages
You Can't Kill a Guy For Trying2 Pages
The Plastic Mask6 Pages
Cool as Can Be and Cute as a Kitten2 Pages
Blitzed By the Blackout3 Pages
Just in case you haven't met Dotty...5 Pages
The Caddy6 Pages
Match Wits With Archie1 Page
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