Hickory (1949 series) #5

Hickory (1949 series) #5

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CGC 4.5 VG+ Off-White Pages Certification #2003260005 Peachy back-up story.

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Label ColourBlue
GradeVery Good +
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
"Y'don't pin it on her, Hickory"1 Page
"Now what in tarnation does old Mr. Welloiled..."9 Pages
"Peachy, I'm glad to see you're reading to improve your mind!"6 Pages
"Doggone... ah sure wish ah believed in ghosts!"8 Pages
Feud for Thought1 Page
"Ah wish Paw wasn't so durned scientific!"7 Pages
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