Batman (1940 series) #73

Batman (1940 series) #73

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CGC 4.0 VG Off-White/White Pages Certification #2009171002 Joker cover & story. Vicki Vale appearance. Any questions give us a call at 519-434-3355 -Andy

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CGC Rated
Label ColourBlue
GradeVery Good
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
The Joker's Utility Belt!1 Page
What Do You Know about Other People?1 Page
Guns For Hire!9.8 Pages
"Hmm, there goes Slippery Sam!"0.5 Page
Two More Thrilling Magazines for Mystery Fans!1 Page
Vicki Vale's Secret!9.5 Pages
What is the world's leading occupation?0.8 Page
"The phone always rings when I'm in the shower!"1 Page
Finger Print Forgeries2 Pages
The Joker's Utility Belt!12 Pages
Here's Explosive Adventure in 2 More Great Magazines!1 Page
"I have the examination papers all marked"1 Page
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