House of Secrets (1956 series) #61

House of Secrets (1956 series) #61

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CGC 3.5 VG- Off-White Pages Certification #1559126007 Origin and 1st appearance of Eclipso (Bruce Gordon). Any questions give us a call at 519-434-3355 -Andy

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CGC Rated
Label ColourBlue
GradeVery Good -
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
Doctor-7, King of the Supernatural1 Page
Doctor-7, King of the Supernatural10.7 Pages
The Strange Lives of Batman and Robin1 Page
A Tree Grows on Second Street!1 Page
Eclipso, the Genius Who Fought Himself13.7 Pages
No Title1 Page
"You and your magic!"0.7 Page
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