Rusty Comics (1947 series) #21

Rusty Comics (1947 series) #21

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CGC 9.0 VF/NM Off-White Pages Certification #1245749007 Stan Lee story. Harvey Kurtzman art. Any questions give us a call at 519-434-3355 -Andy

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CGC Rated
Label ColourBlue
GradeVery Fine/Near Mint
Canadian Price Variant
Variant Cover
Retailer incentive cover
Newsstand Edition
"Look, mom, this one got out!"1 Page
No Title1 Page
Johnny's Dizzy Day!12 Pages
A Letter to Our Readers and Their Parents!1 Page
"How do you do? This..."1 Page
"Would you like cereal or eggs..."1 Page
Masquerade2 Pages
The Peachy Speech!5 Pages
No Title1 Page
"Hi, Hank! Say, you don't happen to know how long a person can live..."1 Page
"I passed your house last night!"0.5 Page
"Look at that beautiful woman, Lank!"0.5 Page
"What's the matter?"0.5 Page
"Hey! Look out for the thin ice!"0.5 Page
No Title1 Page
"You come along with me and I'll show you how to sell these!"1 Page
"You are the sloppiest man I know!"1 Page
"Daddy, do you know who invented the steamboat?"1 Page
No Title1 Page
No Title1 Page
No Title1 Page
No Title1 Page
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